In today’s busy city, a churchyard is often one of the few big untouched spaces, and creates a sacred space where we can reconnect with nature. Over the last few years, the churchyard has been cleared of brambles and ivy, enabling easier access to the far end of the churchyard.


The graves have been cleared of unwanted vegetation, and people feel happier about visiting the graves in the far end of the yard.




The Church has taken a step further in tune with protecting the environment, educating us about nature, and enhancing our appreciation of just being in the churchyard. So you will find information plaques and cordoned off areas. For those who prefer a meditative stroll round the churchyard, we have poetry, sacred flowers and icons to help the mind find stillness and peace. For the reflections in our church please click here.

The vision includes an eco space surrounding an ash tree bordering the road. Volunteers from Radley school cleared the area. We have largely left this area to the care of Mother Nature, with a little help to encourage birds and butterflies.



To encourage a solitary bee we have put up a bee log, as well as a birdbox for our unusual visitor the spotted flycatcher.




In the rest of the churchyard we are looking to introduce native British species, especially those traditionally steeped in religious symbolism. For information of flowers sacred to the Virgin Mary, please click here. We have a special St Mary Garden which contains some of the plants connected to St Mary.





We hope you enjoy your walk round the churchyard, whether you’re visiting the graves of loved ones, connecting with nature, or just walking round a sacred space.