The Littlemore Oratorio

The Littlemore Oratorio is the culmination of the Tapestry Line and Thread project.

It will be a work that is woven together from the work of musicians, dancers, poets and visual artists – most of them based in and around Littlemore. It will include soundsaces of the area and voices of the people of the area.

All are invited to be part of this groundbreaking work for which simple but beautiful vocal pieces have been prepared that all can join in with with minimal rehearsal.

Performances will be on 24th June at 3 pm at the Chuch and Sunday 1st July at Ss Mary and John Chuch Cowley Road as part of the Cowley Carnival.


For any interested singer (no requirement to read music) we will have three reherasals in June where you can learn to join in with any or all of these songs.

Thursday 7th, 14th, 21st  June at 7 pm at the church.

Scores and recordings of the songs as a guide are below.

The songs are

Lux Aeterna for Littlemore Oratorio

Recording at:

Lux Aeterna

Let us enjoy for the Littlemore Oratorio

Recording at:

Let us Enjoy

Kyrie for the Littlemore Oratorio

Recording at:



All Shall be Well for Littlemore Oratorio

Recording at:

All Shall be Well


These four pieces will frame a performance that will include popular song chosen by local people; children’s songs; improvisation with dance  (choreographed by Lizzy Spight, Michelle Azdajic and Andy Solway) as a commentary on the work of local artist Alex Singleton documenting the area; new compositions by Bruno Guastalla (commenting on the work of visiting Korean poet Mr Song) and Nini Sakhri and Valeria Lembo;specially prepared poetry by Jay a local poet who specialises in the work of Rumi; Sufi and Farsi song by Nuzhat Abbas and Delaram Izadi. And more, that will make this a vibrant tapestry of Littlemore past, present and future.

To be part of this contact:

Malcolm Atkins 01865 721564 or 07872 991287


A provisional plan for the performance is:

Littlemore Oratorio

The theme of the oratorio will be the lives of the people and key institutions of Littlemore.
Recicative will here be recordings of the voices of local people accompanied by improvisation and leading into and combining with other songs
Part 1 Beginnings

Kyrie Eleison plus Michelle’s choreoraphy 6 mins
Recitative 01 improv plus recited texts which will merge into:
Lilli Marlene 3 mins
Lead Kindly Light – arranged for all instruments plus recicative 02 5 mins
Littlemore School Song 2 mins

Part 2 Littlemore now
Who – song of longing 3 mins
Recicative 03 leading into
Lux Aeterna – plus group dance choreographed by Andy Solway 5 mins
Dance pieces based on sketches by Alex: 10 mins
Man with Dogs
Tom and Shed
Under bridge plus sound
(this will include music by Nini, Bruno,Valeria and improvisation and choreography by all dancers)
Bruno piece 5 mins
Let us Enjoy plus Recicative 04 4 mins

Part 3 Littlemore in the future – hopes and dreams.

Littlemore Prayer 3 mins
Poem by Jay (Delaram sing Rumi in Farsi ?) 5 mins
We’ll Gather Lilacs 4 mins
All Shall be Well plus recicative 05 6 mins