Scores for the Littlemore Mass

The following scores are a setting of the traditional texts for most of the Latin Mass. They have been written and arranged using melodies gathered from different groups in Oxford (especially marginalised communities) and written so as to enable all to participate.

They have all been composed for a set up of two choirs plus instruments and soloists. Score layout is not conventional as I have tried to reflect the way singers and instruments can interact in the church space. Choir 1 (labelled Ch 1 in the scores or most often S 1 A 1 T 1 B 1 ) will have simpler canonic melodies that can be remembered by singers who are not confident with sight reading. Choir 2 (Ch 2 or usually S 2 A 2 T 2 B 2) is slightly more complicated – but not difficult.

Kyrie Eleison


Sanctus Part 1

Sanctus Part 2

Angus DeiĀ 

They are an indication of the way the work can be developed but will be perfected in conjunction with all performers as they will be adapted to reflect the potential of all who want to join in. There will be repeats of sections that will use soloists and instruments and there will be room for some improvisation.

A score is and should always be a starting point for exploration – a missive between friends, as Cage once suggested. The role of the writer is to facilitate the constructive exploration of possibilities and meanings through play in the playing of music. Melodies, rhythms and their configurations when they are realised in public are the social and cultural property of all who play and listen.


Please feel free to share, play and comment.