Littlemore Dreams

We are creating an exhibition as part of an ongoing project to bring together the different communities of Littlemore.  It is based on the idea that our hopes and dreams are as much part of our identity, as our favourite music, or the bricks and mortar of our homes.  They are where we live.

To this end we’ll be collecting dreams and hopes from all over Littlemore.  And gathering songs, to be part of our communal concert on 25th June, at 3pm.  This will also feature a specially written Mass, with melodies and performances drawn from local people.

In this way, we want the occasion to reflect our shared attentiveness to each other, as well our affirmation of our common story.  In words, music and dance.

Please share with us your hopes and dreams. There is an ongoing exhibition in the church which will include writings and drawings and any images or objects that relate to your hopes and dreams.

If you would like to join in please contact: Malcolm Atkins at OR 07872 991287


A film that reflects some of our work on dreams is here

A recording of our Littlemore Dreams concert on 25th June is here