Musician in Residence

In the Summer of 2015 our church secured a grant from the Diocesan Mission Fund to create a part-time post of Musician in Residence for nine months to work with our church and the wider community. This grant has been renewed twice since that time in response to the success of the project.

As part of his work the musician Malcolm Atkins initially gathered sounds and songs of the area and asked people to share their memories of sound.

A film that reflects this is Sounds & Songs of the Past.

And various recordings of sounds of the area are on SoundCloud here.

This includes songs by the Over Sixties Lunch Club, the Jubilate church band and members of the congregation as well as songs by many of the different communities that live and work in the area (Chinese, Zimbabwean, Nigerian,  South Asian, English Folk and many others are  represented here) – some recorded at concerts and some in local houses.

This year Malcolm has been organising monthly concerts at the church and developing a different community focus through asking people to share their hopes and dreams. He hopes to bring different communities together through collective experiences and aspirations which will be expressed through an exhibition in the church and in a concert on Sunday 25th June as the last in the series of monthly concerts.  More information on this is at Littlemore Dreams and an online exhibition as well as a dance film will be accessible from there.

In addition Malcolm is scoring a mass for any interested choir or individual singer to join in with us in our concert and the mass has been developed from simple songs gathered from communities of Oxford and especially Littlemore.  More information on the mass and a rehearsal schedule if you want to join in is at Littlemore Mass and Scores are available for download.